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Why Carstop?

Unlike normal parking posts, the Carstop unit is designed to immobilise a vehicle by lifting the wheels off the ground when the vehicle is reversed against it. I am filler text, delete me if I’m no longer required or am too long, 

Dual function!

Carstop prevents vehicle theft as well as reserves parking bays. I am filler text, delete me if I’m no longer required or am too long. 

Built strong!

Carstop is built to take the full weight of a vehicle against the A-Frame design. The unit is manufactured from heavy duty hot dip galvanised steel and is locked using a high secure Viro stainless steel discus lock.


Carstop is installed into a 30cm deep concrete block for maximum security.


Car showroom with Carstop parking barries in use


  • Car dealerships

  • Office and business parking

  • Residential and on street parking

  • Shopping centres

  • Disabled parking bays

Carstop parking barriers in use in an under cover garage


  • Carstop stops car theft

  • Carstop immobilises a vehicle by lifting the rear wheels off the ground.

  • Carstop forms an A-frame when in use, making it the strongest product on the market

  • Carstop folds flat into the ground when not in use preventing damage to the unit and vehicle.
  • Carstop is hot dip galvanised so it will not rust.

  • Carstop is installed into a concrete block.


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